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Money tree, money home

  • June 18,2020.

Money tree Money Home.

How to care Money tree:

1 Pot your bonsai tree in regular bonsai soil or cactus soil. Keep the soil loose in the container.

2 Give it brief exposure to sun. Money trees don't need much light, an hour or so every couple of days. Give it some shade, though; the leaves tend to burn.

3 Water lightly. Over-watering is a common mistake with this plant and can kill it. You should keep the soil moist but not wet. Tired, droopy leaves are a good indicator that it needs water. If the leaves turn brown, you're watering it to much. Mist the top and all the leaves twice a week to encourage new growth. Dump any standing water out of the drainage tray.

4Give it some fertilizer about once a month. Any plant fertilizer, diluted, will work. To dilute the fertilizer mix it with water. Fish meal fertilizer at half strength is a good choice.

5 Prune large leaves and stems regularly to encourage new growth by pinching them off with your fingers. The effect should be a somewhat triangular canopy. It does not need much more pruning than that.

6 Replant it every couple of years. This is true for most bonsai trees. They tend to saturate their container with roots, referred to as root bound. Re-potting your tree gives it new soil and you the chance to prune the roots.

7 Prune the roots if necessary. Use a root hook and comb them out. Cut off the large ones using a concave cutter. Do not remove more the two-thirds of the roots. Re-pot your money tree into loose soil.

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